Two of R. Kelly’s Atlanta mansions burglarized by ‘an associate’ while the singer is away on tour in New Orleans

  • While R. Kelly was on tour, his two mansions in Atlanta were cleaned out
  • A warrant has been issued for Alfonso Walker on two counts of burglary
  • He also faces charges of theft by taking and theft by deception
  • Kelly’s personal items, electronics and the majority of his furniture are gone



R. Kelly’s two mansions in Georgia were cleaned out by while the singer was away performing on tour.

Johns Creek police were summoned to the Grammy award-winning singer’s home on Old Homestead Trail on November 26, reported WSB-TV.

An associate, who has been identified as Alfonso Walker, allegedly sold all the singer’s items.

The maid arrived at the record producer’s house to clean it when she saw the entirety of the property had been emptied.

The incident occurred while the singer was on tour in New Orleans.

A neighbor allegedly witnessed several men loading furniture and other house belongings into vans and trucks.

The front door was unlocked and there was a broken window pane on the back porch, officers reported.

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