The Deion Sanders of Minnesota High School Football, James “J-Will” Williams helps lead Cretin to State Tournament

The Outstanding Cornerback that has shut down half of the football field all season against all opponents with the style of Deion Sanders

This Friday if your looking for the best High School Cornerback in the state of Minnesota, look for Gold shoes on the field getting no action on his side of the field……  Team Captain, #1 James “J-Will” Williams of Cretin Derham Hall H.S.

This Friday Cretin Derham Hall (7-2) football Team will be taking the field for the Quarter-finals of the Minnesota State Tournament against Edina H.S.(8-2).

                                                               Cretin Team Captains

One of the main reasons this team has had so much success is because of the shut down Senior, Cornerback, James “J Will” Williams. Just like Deion Sanders use to do on #1 NFL Receivers,  J-Will Williams plays one on one coverage on the other teams #1 receiver every game, and has shut down that side of the field.


Being a three year starter and two year Captain, J-Will has used his speed and the technique  make the other teams Offensive coordinator stay away from him….. Every opposing team this season had to game plan with the thought of knowing on any given play that trying to throw on J-Will’s side of the field could result in being a straight Pick-Six interception!!

“Straight facts. I’ve been around HS football as a player, coach, and recruit analyst for 20 years. I have not witnessed any corner in the state of MN have the kind of career James Williams has had. As a junior he allowed 7 catches. As a senior he has allowed only 3 catches. That’s 10 catches in 18 games. His 40 time varies between 4.47-4.52. hands down the best cover corner in the last 2 decades. J-Will’s quick twitch, hip fluidity, and footwork are ridiculous. Has played man to man every game and nearly every play for 3 season straight.”
Says, Defensive Back & Skills Trainer, EZ Senior.

James J-Will Williams is a product of Jimmy Lee Recreation Center where he played running back with so many talented kids.  J-Will then decided to attend Cretin Derham hall for High School.

J-Will was the most electrifying Freshman tailback  at Cretin and in the Suburban Conference….

The guys from Cretin and Roseville High School all reunited on the field as friends after a hard fought game.

J-Will’s  skills for scoring on any given play and running back kickoffs and punts for TD’s made him a one of the best tailbacks in the state.

Because of his speed, as a Sophomore he was needed on the defense of side of the ball by the Cretin Varsity squad, and has been shutting down the Top receivers every since…..

Like so many teams feared Deion “Prime Time” Sanders in the NFL, James J-Will Williams has been feared by quarterbacks and opposing teams all season.  If your looking for the best Cornerback in the State, just look for the kid with the Gold shoes and #1 on his jersey…. J-Will is Prime Time!!


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