Studies Show that the Super Bowl Urban Nightlife is not predicted to be good in Minnesota

  Super Bowl 2018 Committee has work to do to bring out the African-American Urban Crowd in Minnesota or book your flights to LA for All-Star Weekend

Studies from nightlife event analyst and national promoters around the country have said that Minnesota might not be the idea party spot  for African-Americans and the urban crowd for this years Super Bowl 2018.  Based on the number of African-American  people and the nightlife audience that patronizes and frequents the night spots in Minneapolis, the potential for a high volume of customers for urban events are slim.  Not to mention, the NBA All-Star Weekend is  scheduled in LA two weeks later, starting February 13 to February 19th.  So, be honest, cold Minnesota for a Football game or Sunny Los Angeles for  NBA All-Star Weekend?

Is it the people in Minnesota that don’t care about the nightlife? 

This is not to say African-American people in MN and around the country don’t love Football and the attraction of the Super-Bowl Experience.  Football and The Super Bowl is the number #1 attraction of the year.  Nothing compares to the one game that the World looks forward to every year.  But, beyond the game, Minnesota has nothing to offer the African-American fan traveling mainly for the Nightlife experience. And, Minnesota people let too many great events go by without supporting.

With LA having the great weather and all the glitz and Glamour with all the numerous  All-Star festivities  geared around Urban & Hip-Hop music to choose from for urban crowd. How does Minnesota compete?  Has a real Urban committee been formed to target this African-American urban crowd for the nightlife experience during Super Bowl Week, or does Minnesota know what promoters know and have known…… the African-America crowd in Minnesota don’t patronize the nightlife in the numbers that would constitute a Urban Committee to set up such events for African Americans. “The bottom line is Minnesota is a C market area for African American nightlife, and everyone knows you’ll loose money by scheduling a big event there. The support in Minnesota is not consistent for a promoter or an event company to invest any money into events up there,” said a Top National Promoter.

Minnesota where you at?
Studies, have shown Minnesota’s African American people do not patronize the Urban Concerts or Comedy shows like major cities around the country.  With almost 300 thousand African American people in Minnesota, the nightlife should not be so bad on a Friday and Saturday night.

If you want a great Super Bowl 2018 you need to show up and show out more often to convince promoters and urban committees that you want a great Super Bowl Experience!!  And not to mention, Jay Z dropped the bomb by declining the an invitation to perform because of the Colin Kapernick situation.  Not to say Jay Z speaks for the entire Hip-Hop Culture, but this might be an indication of what the Hip Hop Culture and entertainers are thinking about.
At this rate, the best thing to do is book your flights to sunny LA for All-Star Weekend!!


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