*On today’s 100th episode of BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM, “Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes discussed her relationship with Kim, the roach incident and Sheree’s incarcerated boyfriend. She also shared her words of wisdom during a special “Ask NeNe” segment.

Scroll down to watch the full interview, with “Ask NeNe” starting at 6:37, along with some quotes below from the interview.

 On her relationship with Kim

“She tried it…I’m never going to talk to Kim again…A lot of people like Kim and I from seasons one and two, but we’re not those people. This is ten years in. We have both changed a lot. We’ve grown in different directions. We’re not friends…We don’t see eye to eye at all, and it’s never going to change…Our energies do not work well together…I will never talk to Kim.” (start time: 2:05)

On the roach drama with Kim

“She went so low she put the damn pole on the ground. There’s nowhere else to go…The fact that they [Kim’s family] would do something so low and calculating, to keep something and hold it for months…I just have nothing to say. My house is like our safe haven, and to just do something and say something like that was just really low.” (start time: 3:05)

On Sheree’s new boyfriend

“I am not his type. That’s the only thing she got right. I met him before she did. That’s her only issue with me…I have no interest in him. I don’t know why she feels some kind of way…I am someone to meet honey…NeNe chasing anybody around is a joke…This is giving her life because literally nobody really talks about her, so this is going to help her.” (start time: 4:54)


NeNe Leakes on AM-to-DM from EURweb on Vimeo.

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