Decision Making
La La Anthony has had a lot to talk about recently. She’s recently dealing with a split up with her husband Carmelo Anthony; things are looking like they might end pretty quickly. She’s said multiple times that she loves him and he’s a great father and husband, but things just aren’t working out at the time.

She also made the decision to pose nude in a scene for the TV show Power, and she was being criticized a lot for it. What does she have to say to the critics?
Keeping It Together

La La and her 10-time NBA All-Star husband Carmelo Anthony have been dealing with a rough patch in their relationship. They’re both pretty big stars in their respective fields, so it was expected that things would get a little bit messy.

Back in 2007, the couple had their first child, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, and it seems like he’s the one keeping them together for the time being.

La La sat down on The Wendy Williams Show a few weeks ago and opened up about the relationship she has with Carmelo. She insisted that they are still the “best of friends” and that there is no hate in the relationship whatsoever.

“Not right now, I’m not. You know marriages are tough and you know that, we all know that. It’s filled with ups and downs, and we’re just going through a time right now, but [Carmelo] and I are the best of friends, and our number one commitment is to our son Kiyan. We have to set an example to Kiyan, and that’s what is most important,” she said.

She finished up, saying, “I would absolutely never say a bad thing about my husband, that’s my son’s father and he is an amazing dad. I could not ask for a better dad.

”Her interview on The Breakfast Club went a little differently. Charlamagne Tha God went straight into the deep end when he asked about her new scene on Power.

“I’m more interested in why you choose to show the goods though, because you don’t have to,” he said. La La said that she was glad to talk about this so she could settle it once and for all. “The problem is people don’t know how to separate La La from LaKeisha. That’s my character on Power,” she said.

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