Toni Braxton Boots Tamar Braxton from Upcoming Tour?

When it comes to drama, the Braxton family has plenty of it.

Photo Credit: Instagram  By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Braxtons are always in the news for rumors surrounding Tamar and Vincent Herbert’s marriage.

Now it’s rumored that Vince and Tamar’s marital drama may have gotten her kicked off Toni Braxton’s upcoming tour.


Recently, it was revealed that Toni Braxton would be touring with her sisters Tamar and Traci.

 They were supposed to be Toni’s opening acts.

However, TMZ later revealed that Traci had been booted from the tour and it was all because Tamar pushed for her removal.

Reportedly, Traci clashed with Tamar over Tamar’s messy marriage to Vince.

Now the site is reporting that Tamar has also been removed from the tour.

According to TMZ, promoters for the tour were over Tamar and Vince’s drama, so Tamar was kicked off the tour. Another source of drama comes from the fact that Vince still manages Tamar.

Traci and Tamar have not been replaced yet and the tour kicks off on May 22.


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