DJ One

Resident DJ For #1 Facebook Fridays

Each and Every Friday night St. Paul is Turnt Up by the sounds and cuts of the “silent” Dj known as DJ One. “This brother has been at Wilebski’s/ Club Cancun’s Facebook Fridays for over 5 years.
DJ One has had the longest running urban based Residency as a DJ in the Twin Cities, and plays for a customer base of 25-55, and all is entertained every week,” said Facebook Friday’s Host, Whop Clark.
5 years at any Nightclub is not an easy thing for any DJ to accomplish with the changing of all the Nightclubs music formats in the Twin Cities. With the egos of some DJ’s in the industry, DJ One still connects with the patrons with a humble attitude, and even takes song requests (which is almost a no-no in the industry nowadays} and allows special Guest DJ’s to come in and rock with him with humbleness of a true professional.
You can check out DJ One each and every Friday Nights at Club Cancun’s #1 Facebook Fridays

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