“ALL New” SOULFUL SATURDAYS NIGHTS is a hit in Minneapolis

The Twin Cities have been looking for a nice Saturday night for the urban grown folks

With the Twin Cities being one of the major City in the United States, it is only right that the Urban nightlife has lives up to its top billing. For years Minneapolis has not had a major urban Saturday night, where a person can go out and listen and dance to urban music. Well that problem has just changed. Soulful Saturdays is here to provide the entertainment that is needed for the grown folks of Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area.

In a Minneapolis and St. Paul Collaboration of Promoters and DJ’s Soulful Saturdays is here as a Team effort. Each week will feature different DJ’s, entertainment and door giveaways…… Last Saturday, The Veteran Bro. Jules rocked the crowd with his top DJ skills!! ” Bro. Jules gave the Twin Cities a taste of what has made him one of the Best DJ’s ever to mix on the 1’s & 2’s in the Twin Cities” Said Whopmaster Clarky.


The concept of putting promoters Whopmaster Clarky, Ray Seville and Jack Trade together is what the nightlife has needed in the Twin Cities. All three have different crowds, but all are proven promoters
that have delivered great promotions throughout the years. This is a great mix, and so far the crowds have appreciated the the Collabos.



In the upcoming weeks Soulful Saturday Nights will be Hosting a Fight Party and bringing in more entertainment to satisfy the Twin Cities appetite for the Nightlife Experience.


More Pictures from Soulful Saturdays Nights provided by Pinnacle Photography Events

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